You can assist us

Nature is vulnerable to access

But a little care can make a big difference.

For example:

  • Staying on paths, not straying, will help to protect wildlife.
  • Keeping dogs on leads (or under close control) will reduce wildlife disturbance

We want you to enjoy this new greenspace, but in a considerate fashion that doesn’t threaten the wildlife we already have. Otherwise more access will mean it becomes harder to keep.

In fact, over time we want this site’s impressive biodiversity* to get even better – but to do so we need your assistance.

[*Biodiversity is a term used to describe the whole variety of life on Earth. It includes all forms of living matter within an environmental area, for example plant material and all types of wildlife.}

Hunting cat

Many cats hunt and all dogs create messes, both disturb wildlife.
So when the Louisburg and Quebec homes are occupied we expect around 100 more dogs and over 60 domestic cats to use this greenspace and add to the present pet problem. But following a few simple measures could help not only your pets’ welfare but also be helpful to nature too:

Cat owners

  • Keep cats in at night. This helps at dawn and dusk, when birds are especially active and are in danger from cats – UK experts estimate our domestic cats are responsible for over 30 million bird deaths each year.
  • Fit a bell on a collar. This acts as a deterrent – as well as saving birds, many small mammals and reptiles will be preserved too.
  • Protect against feral cats. Wild cats are always attracted to new development areas so, to avoid unwanted kittens or injured cats, consider having your females spayed or males neutered.

Lady walking dog

Dog owners

In the new Bordon Inclosure where dogs can run free.
But please be considerate of other site users.

Dogs should be on leads or under close control

No dogs are allowed in the especially sensitive natural area.

Please try to conform to this system.


In addition:

  • Keep your dogs under control. Remember the majority of the population don’t own one and won’t necessarily understand them, so bouncing or barking dogs can easily frighten them. Please be considerate.
  • Avoid them often running free - dogs do damage nature.
    As owners we all love to see our dogs running free, but the disturbance that then occurs easily leads to wildlife deserting that area.


Hunting Cat


How you can help

Be a friend

We have a Friends group to help with raising money
and awareness.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about nature – and for keeping fit too! Volunteers help us with the maintenance of footpaths, walkways, bridges etc. and in keeping some of the vegetation at bay – it’s a year-round task, but great fun and makes you healthier too.

Act as a greenspace ambassador

We need people who are happy to act as greenspace ambassadors. People who are prepared to inform the community about the site’s benefits and all of its natural wonders. To do so effectively all ambassadors are taught to deliver key messages in a simple and direct way.

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